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Can I wear a water ski style wetsuit?

We do not recommend it. A scuba, surfing, windsurfing or water skiing “Body Glove” style wetsuit is not made for open water swimming. You need flexibility in the shoulder and arm areas and these style suits are very restrictive. As a result, you will get tired quickly because of the limited mobility. And, you will experience chafing around the neck. These wetsuits also use standard neoprene which will not keep you warm for extended periods in the water and they don’t have the necessary neoprene thicknesses to keep you balanced while swimming.

Sizing is also an issue as they usually only have S, M, L whereas an open water wetsuit have many multiple sizing options for different body shapes and heights so you can get a much better fit.

Although they are tempting as they are generally cheaper than an open water wetsuit, you will be cold, tired, unbalanced and chafed. Doesn’t sound like a deal anymore does it! :)

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