Across the Lake Swim
Kalamalka Lake

August 17, 2024

Coldstream, bc, canada

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    We are excited to bring this most anticipated swim to the Okanagan! Finally, a swim on Kalamalka Lake!


    The Finish area for both swims is at Kal Beach in Coldstream, B.C. This is also the location of the start of the 1.5km and where 4.5km participants will board the bus. All swimmers should report to Kal Beach.

    The 1.5km starts and finishes at Kal Beach.

    The 4.5km starts at Juniper Bay Beach in Kalamalka Lake Park and finishes at Kal Beach. We will bus the 4.5km participants from Kal Beach to the start at Juniper Bay Beach. Do not drive directly to Juniper Bay Beach as you must pick up your race package which contains your timing chip and cap from Kal Beach before going to the start at Juniper Bay Beach.

    Important Note: The 4.5km has a 400m walk along a paved pathway from the parking lot to the beach. If you need assistance or have difficulty walking this distance please contact us at You can bring flipflops if you wish, and we will bring them back to Kal Beach for your finish, however we encourage and recommend to not bring anything with you on the bus as the pathway will be fully swept.

    The 1.5km swim starts from Kal Beach.

    The bus will leave Kal Beach at 7:30am and it is a short 6 minute bus ride and will return to pickup more participants. Do not miss the bus!

    Gear Drop Off

    A gear drop off will be available at Kal Beach for you to drop off items and we will watch over them for you. Be sure to place items in a bag and we will tag it so you can pick it up at the end of your swim.


    There are full washrooms at Kal Beach that open around 6:30am. The 4.5km participants have the added luxury of outhouses along the path to the beach.


    There is plenty of parking across the street from Kal Beach which opens at 6am. The access to the parking lot is from Husband Road. There is no access to the parking lot from Kalamalka Road. Here is a map. There is also plenty of parking along Kalamalka Road. Please do not park in the Alexander’s Pub and Liquor store parking lot as it is a private lot and you may be towed.

    Support Paddler

    Support paddlers are optional for both swim distances.

    Paddlers for the 1.5km can launch from Kal Beach on the west side of the dock.

    Paddlers for 4.5km swimmers can either launch from Kal Beach and paddler to Juniper Bay Beach, or they can drive to Kal Park and launch from Jade Bay Beach. We can shuttle them back to the park after the swim to retrieve their vehicle.

    All paddlers must have two lifejackets. The one they are wearing and an additional one for the swimmer. Each paddler must also carry a whistle. If your paddler does not have a whistle, we can supply one for them.

    Your support paddler must sign a waiver or they will not be covered by our insurance. Please download the waiver here and have them complete and send it to or bring it with you to package pickup.

    Swim Buddy’s

    Swim Buddy’s are optional for the 1.5km but mandatory for the 4.5km. We will supply Swim Buddy’s for the 4.5km at no charge, or you can use your own.

    1.5km: Optional
    4.5km: Mandatory

    Not sure what a Swim Buddy is? A Swim Buddy is an inflatable personal floatation device that is attached to the swimmer’s waist and is dragged behind. This allows the swimmer to be seen in the open water by other water craft, and can be used to hang on a rest if needed. More information is here:

    Timing Chip

    Both swim distances are timed using a timing chip that is placed on your ankle. Your timing chip is assigned to you so do not change it with anyone. At the end of your swim we will remove the timing chip from your ankle. Do not bend down to take it off yourself – let us do it for you.

    Swim Caps

    We will provide you with a latex numbered cap that must be worn while swimming. If you are allergic to latex we can exchange your latex cap for a silicone cap – just let us know at package pickup.

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  • Schedule

    DateStart TimeEnd TimeEventPlace
    Sat, Aug 176:00 am7:00 amPackage PickupKal Beach, Coldstream
    Sat, Aug 176:30 amWashrooms openKal Beach, Coldstream
    Sat, Aug 177:30 amBus leaves for the 4.5kmKal Beach, Coldstream
    Sat, Aug 178:15 am4.5km swim startsJuniper Bay Beach, Kal Lake Park
    Sat, Aug 178:30 am1.5km swim startsKal Beach, Coldstream

    Times are subject to change.

  • Package Pickup

    Package pickup is the morning of the swim starting at 6am at Kal Beach. In your package is your swim cap, swag and timing chip. You must wear the swim cap we give you, and place the timing chip on your ankle (either one is fine).

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  • FAQ

    Do I need to use a Swim Buddy?

    The use of a Swim Buddy is recommended but not mandatory. The swim buddy device is simply a safety tool which makes swimmers much more visible in the water. This is important as swimmers can get quite spread apart and this allows our safety patrol and other boaters who are on the lake at the time a better chance to spot swimmers.

    Are there change rooms and showers available for after the swim?

    Yes and no. There are public washrooms at the Finish Line but no showers. There is an outdoor shower at the Kelowna finish line.

    Can I bring stuff on the bus?

    You CANNOT take anything on the bus that you will not be using during the swim (e.g., shoes, sunglasses, etc.) as we cannot bring these items back for you. You will be quite warm in your wetsuit! We will once again have carpets laid down at the start line area so that you don’t need shoes with you.

    There is a bag check tent available in City Park for all items you don’t use during the swim.

    Is a Support Paddler required?

    Interior Savings Across the Lake Swim Kelowna a support paddler is not required.
    Kal Lake: Support paddlers are not required for either distance.
    Cultus Lake: Support paddlers are not required for either distance.
    Gellatly Bay: Support paddlers are not required for either distance.
    Skaha Lake: Support paddlers are required for the 11.8km distance, but not for the 4.5km distance.
    Rattlesnake Island: Support paddlers are required for the 7km distance, but are not required for the 1.5km or 3km distances.

    However, each junior swimmer (10 years & under) MUST be accompanied by a support craft if they are swimming alone and not accompanied by an adult swimmer.

    Know your limitations. You should be able to swim 1000-2000 meters comfortably with or without the aid of a wetsuit.

    Is there food after the event?

    Yes, there are light snacks and drinks after the event. Typically cookies, bagels, bananas, oranges, water, coffee and juice boxes. (subject to change)

    Why Use a Swim Buddy?

    The Swim Buddy is simply a safety tool which makes swimmers much more visible in the water. This is important as swimmers can get quite spread apart and this allows our safety patrol and other boaters who are on the lake at the time a better chance to spot swimmers.

    With the potential for high wind and waves, several support paddlers may need to be rescued themselves (It has happened in previous years)! When a support person goes over, the swimmer is now left vulnerable or trying to help their support person get back in their craft. Now 2 people are in the water and potentially not visible to our safety crew and other boats. Also, when a support person goes over, naturally other support people go to help them (as they should) but that now leaves other swimmers alone and more vulnerable.

    Finally, should, god forbid, anything really serious happen out there, many support boaters don’t have the experience, or sometimes the upper body strength to hold on to their swimmers until a powerboat/lifeguard can arrive, especially as they will try to both signal the power boats while helping their swimmer. The Swim Buddy has enough floatation that it will keep a swimmer’s body up if they hold on to it (which is easier than trying to hold on to a kayak or canoe).

    The Swim Buddy does not add any extra drag, and you won’t even notice it behind you.

    Ultimately, we want everyone to have fun and successful swims, but swimmer safety is of utmost importance.

    I have my own Swim Buddy. Do I get a discount?

    Since we are not charging for their use, using your own will not get you a discount.

    Is there a gear check?

    Yes, the gear check opens early in the morning so you can drop off your items. Be sure to put them in a bag so we can tag it for you to pick up at the end of your swim.

    Also check out our general FAQ's here
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Across the Lake Swim Kalamalka Lake is located on the traditional, ancestral, unceded territory of the syilx/Okanagan people.

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