Jan Morrow Award

Jan Morrow was a member of the Kelowna Masters Swim Club in the 1990’s who was actively involved with the club’s executive and as a regular Masters swimmer. She was not a competitive swimmer, but loved to swim and successfully completed the Across the Lake Swim on a number of occasions. She was also the Race Director of the event in 1991.

After she lost her battle with cancer, the Kelowna Masters Swim Club decided to name an annual award at the Interior Savings Across the Lake Swim in her memory, to be awarded to a swimmer who demonstrates determination, inspiration and a positive attitude within the swimming community.

Jan Morrow Award Recipients:

2023: Jan Goss
2022: Phred Martin
2021: No Recipient (Event cancelled due to covid)
2020: No Recipient (Event cancelled due to covid)
2019: Emily Epp
2018: Ria Hayden
2017: Linda Dais
2016: Riley McLean
2015: Mark Fromberg
2014: Jeanne Carlsen
2013: Paul Duffield
2012: Conny Stamhuis
2011: Eli Dimitrov
2010: Brent Hobbs
2009: Nick Rabinovitch
2008: Monique Russo
2007: Tanya Traverse
2006: Sharon Lonergan
2005: Gar Chase
2004: Kari Bailey
2003: Sue Morrison
2002: No Recipient
2001: Glen Mehus
2000: Joanne Ritchie
1999: No Recipient
1998: Brianne Kirschner
1997: Eric Simpson
1996: Murray Craig
1995: Bill Ridinger

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