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Why do I need a Swim Buddy?

The swim buddy is simply a safety tool.  It makes swimmers much more visible in the water.  This is important as swimmers can get quite spread apart and this allows our safety patrol and other boaters who are on the lake at the time a better chance to spot swimmers.

With the potential for high wind and waves several support people may need to be rescued themselves (It has happened in previous years)!  When a support person goes over, the swimmer is now left vulnerable or trying to help their support get back in their craft. Now 2 people are in the water and potentially not visible to our safety crew and other boats.  Also, when a support person does goes over, naturally other support people go to help them (as they should) but that now leaves other swimmers alone and more vulnerable. So, we don’t feel comfortable relying on swimmers’ support crews to keep them safe.

Finally, should, god forbid, anything really serious happen out there, many support boaters don’t have the experience, or sometimes the upper body strength to hold onto their swimmers until a powerboat/lifeguard can arrive, especially as they will be trying to both signal the power boats while helping their swimmer.  The swim buddy has enough floatation that it will keep a swimmer’s body up if they hold onto it (which is easier than trying to hold onto a kayak or canoe) .

The swim buddy does not add any extra drag, and you won’t even notice it very quickly after you have started using it (and your use of it during the race is included in your registration fee).

Ultimately, we want everyone to have a fun and successful swim, but swimmer safety is of utmost importance to us.

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