FREE Open Water Swim Clinic – Part 2 – This Saturday!

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July 8, 2009

FREE Open Water Swim Clinic – Part 2 – This Saturday!

This Saturday July 11th, we present Part 2 of the FREE Open Water Clinic featuring Open Water Swim Coach Nick Rabinovitch and English Channel swimmer Brent Hobbs!

Starting at 7 am (with registration at 6:45 am), Nick and Brent will cover essentials of open water swimming and will answer any questions you may have (like should you pucker your lips or let them flap when you are blowing out air? Answer: Breathe out through your nose then others won’t hear your thick lips flap). After the clinic, get timed as you swim the 800m Gyro Swim Loop to try your new found skills! The cost is $3 to cover insurance (you must sign a waiver if you are not a member of MSABC or haven’t signed a waiver at a previous Time Trial).

Check this out: You could win a FREE ORCA wetsuit courtesy of Kelowna Cycle! Wow! Now I’ve seen this wetsuit and it’s a stylish piece of neoprene which will surely turn heads as you saunter to the water’s edge. Once in the water, you’ll swim like Christopher Atkins in The Blue Lagoon and you’ll notice a significant increase in your swim speed. Disclaimer: It may not really increase your swim speed. We just said that to entice you to come out and enter the draw – but you will swim like Christopher Atkins – that’s a fact.

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