Sold Out! (For the Final Time)

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June 9, 2015

Sold Out! (For the Final Time)

We anticipated a larger number of participants this year, but not this many!

We quickly sold out all 1000 spots at the end of March which was the earliest ever. As a result, many swimmers who thought they could register later were disappointed and contacted us wondering how they could get in. We set up a waitlist and investigated if we could add more spots. Well, the waitlist grew so large, and so fast that we just had to release more.

Now, adding additional swimmers is not easy. There’s a lot of questions that need to be answered. And, more importantly, we need to ensure our safety plan can handle the increase in participants. We need more boats, more lifeguards, more buses, do we have enough towels and bags? Can the small start line area accommodate the larger numbers? Can the finish line accommodate the larger numbers? Are there enough lifeguards available? After consulting with the various departments of our organizing team, we got the ok and released an additional 200 spots in May – which again got snapped up very quickly.

So at 1200 participants, this will be the largest swim in the 67 year history of the event, and one of the largest summer sporting events in Kelowna. For those that couldn’t get in, we’re sorry, but we anticipate registration opening in September for the 2016. Fill in the box on our home page to get notified when we open it.

Spots are still available for our other swim, the Rattlesnake Island Swim which starts in historic Peachland, BC. This swim is a destination swim which takes you across Okanagan Lake and either around Rattlesnake Island or from it, depending on whether you choose the 3.1km or 7km distance. For more information and to register go to our website:

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