We are selling off the remaining inventory of our 2011 Across the Lake Swim products.

Left for purchase is the ever fashionable long sleeve cotton blue event shirt; the eye catching short sleeved lime green technical shirt; the highly coveted commemorative swim cap; and our new this year awesome hoodies.

The prices and availabilities are as follows:

  • Long-sleeve blue shirt: $10.00 – 2 medium, 6 large, 4 xlarge
  • Short-sleeved green tech shirt: $10.00 – 1 small, 5 large
  • Hoodie: $45.00 – 2 xlarge
  • Swim Cap: $5.00 – 20 available

We are considering placing an order for additional hoodies if there is interest.

Otherwise the above items are available on a first come first served basis. Please contact Dorrie at merchandise@acrossthelakeswim.com as soon as possible to reserve your item of desire.

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