Colin’s Swimspiration

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am 47 years old. Live in Kelowna with my family. I love the lake in the summertime.

How long have you been swimming?

All my life for fun. Doing laps and fixed distances only about 2 years off and on.

Why did you choose the Interior Savings Across the Lake Swim?

My friend whom I swim with talked me into it.

Why do you want to swim across Okanagan Lake?

I think it is a good challenge and a way to stay motivated to swim laps at the pool and to try to get in shape.

Will swimming 2.1km across a lake be an easy or difficult challenge for you?

It will be difficult, but I plan to reach that distance in training in advance of the event.

Do you have a fear about swimming across a lake and if so, how do you plan to overcome it?

No, I am not afraid

Can you give us a quick overview of your training?

1km in the pool 2-3 times a week, with swim specific exercises in the pool: flutterboard etc. cross training with other cardio, weights and stretching. will begin open water swims in June, adding distance gradually as I go along. Will try to participate in group swims at Gyro Beach if schedule permits.

What do you enjoy most about swimming?

Finding an even rhythm with strokes and breathing, the feel of the water. Of all the exercises I have tried, swimming has shown the most improvement, even though I am in my 40’s its still possible to learn something and improve.

What advice would you give someone who is starting out?

Get some pointers from experienced swimmers, try bi-lateral breathing (both sides) when doing front crawl. get someone who is knows swimming to critique your swim technique.

What is your one killer swim tip?

Try and relax and practice keeping a steady pace. Hydrate to prevent cramping. Keep it fun and swim with a buddy.

Thanks Colin for sharing your story!

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