Mark Fromberg, Peter Rudd, Randall Whyte

Doctors of BC Award Recipient

We are thrilled to be the recipient of the Doctors of BC’s Excellence in Health Promotion Award for funding the YMCA Okanagan Swims program.

This program sends every Grade Three student in School District #23 for free swim lessons and includes transportation and three 1.5 hour lessons.

“This is a significant achievement,” says Dr. Mark Fromberg, local physician and President of the Across the Lake Swim Society. “This award shows that doctors across the province recognize the impact this program has on the health and wellbeing of our next generation. Along with the YMCA of Okanagan, we want to make sure every child has the opportunity to learn the basic swim skills necessary to stay safe in and around the water.”

“We hope this program will eventually support other grades in the Okanagan and possibly province-wide,” says Randall Wight, Senior Aquatics Manager at the YMCA of Okanagan.

“The more kids we help, the healthier our communities will be.”

Thank you to Interior Savings, all Sponsors, volunteers and participants for helping us drown-proof a generation of young kids.

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  1. Phred on July 15, 2015 at 5:16 pm

    Well deserved guys!!!

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