Following Our Mandate …

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February 27, 2012

Following Our Mandate …

With the success of last year’s swim, the ATLS Society has been able to reinvest all of our sponsorship funds (and more) back into supporting open water swimming. In particular, that means that we have allocated funds to the local swim clubs that provided volunteer help to our event. We are also starting a program at the Y that allows hundreds of disadvantaged young swimmers to develop open water swimming skills. We contribute to these clubs and initiatives as they help more people in our community become better open water swimmers. We see this as a win-win-win, for the ATLS, the swimmers participating in our Y program, the swim clubs, and the community.

For 2012, the ATLS Society has pledged to match any sponsorship funds and allocate double that amount to our Y program as well as any swim clubs that provide volunteers to the ATLS on race day!

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