Learn to Swim Swimmers

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July 14, 2013

Learn to Swim Swimmers

Two new swimmers in our funded Y-Strong Kids Learn to Swim Program have challenged themselves to swim across Okanagan Lake. Each swimmer is accompanied by their coach and dedicated lifeguards. This will be a huge accomplishment for these new swimmers.

Dominic Teichroeb,9, attended the swim lesson program put on at H20 for grade 3s this year that were funded by the Across the Lake Swim Society. He is extremely excited to show his family and friends that he can step up and do something that nobody in his family has ever done. He just wants to do his family proud.

Halie Derickson,9, has always loved the water. She is always the first one in the family to want to swim in the lake each year and never misses an opportunity to get wet. Haile also participated in the swim lesson program at H20 this year that was funded by the Across the Lake Swim Society. She wants to see if she could make it across the lake and thinks it would be really cool if she did. Her family is very proud of her for her efforts and enthusiasm.

Susan Derickson is swimming across the lake this year to support her daughter Halie in her goal of reaching the other side. When Halie was presented with the opportunity to be a part of the swim Susan felt that the best possible way for her to support her daughter would be to do it with her. This ended up being something fantastic for the whole family because Susan has always dreamed of swimming across the lake.

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