Ta-da! The Brand New Custom ATLS Beach Towel!

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April 28, 2010

Ta-da! The Brand New Custom ATLS Beach Towel!

Catch this! We have taken race souvenirs to the next level! The ATLS will be offering a race bag goodie that has never been done before, and what for many will be a welcome relief to a huge stack of racing t-shirts. Have you ever ordered a small race shirt, received a large, but you really need a medium and all they had left was an extra-large… from last year’s race? Well no more!

Behold the custom-made, soon-to-be-famous ATLS beach towel! It’s plush, big, bold & beautiful. You’ll love it! One size fits all! Kinda makes you want to register right away, doesn’t it? This year’s swim will be capped at 450 swimmers, so take the plunge, and register soon!

Don’t worry – if you still want a souvenir shirt for yourself or your support person, they can be ordered on the registration page, but only until July 1. We gotcha covered. Click that bad-boy thumbnail on the right to see it even bigger.

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