The Okanagan Princess “Ferry” is now available!

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June 12, 2009

The Okanagan Princess “Ferry” is now available!

okanagan princessThe Okanagan Princess is a new luxury houseboat that we have been able to secure to both transport swimmers from City Park to the Old Ferry Dock, as well as to allow a limited number of spectators to enjoy the race from a moving “poolside” grandstand. We have offered this service in an attempt to relieve the very limited drop off and parking capacity on Old Ferry Wharf Road.

There will be two sailings leaving from the City Park boat ramp on the morning of the race. The first will leave at 7:30 AM SHARP to transport up to 90 swimmers to the start line at the Old Ferry Dock, where they will be asked to jump into the water about 50 meters from shore (there is no longer a dock there). The Princess will scamper back to City Park to collect up to another 30 swimmers, as well as up to 60 spectators, with the intent of leaving as close to 8AM as possible, in time to return to the swim start line before the race commences at 8:30. The spectators will enjoy a leisurely cruise back along side the swimmers, being able to watch the race and their favorite swimmers for the entire crossing before being returned to City Park to partake in the finish line ceremonies by about 9:15.

Okanagan PrincessIf you want to be ferried across to the start line, or you have supporters that want to watch the race, tickets we be made available on a first come, first served basis, for a maximum of 90 (swimmers only) to leave at 7:30, and 60 spectators and as many as 30 more swimmers to leave at 8 AM. All tickets are $5. You can pick up and pay for tickets on the race package pickup days (July 16 & 17).

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