The Across the Lake Swim Society is a non-profit society that was formed in 2009 to support the Across the Lake Swim events and important skills involved in open water swimming.

Society Directors:

  • President - April Reekie
  • Vice President - Lori Krahn
  • Treasurer - Jan Palsen
  • Secretary - Heather Rialland
  • Directors at Large - Kari Baranieski, Nicolle Leatherdale, Phred Martin, Valentina Serravalli


Society Mandate:

Our volunteer-run organization is about more than just putting on the most fun, safest, open water swim event in British Columbia!

Profits from the all Across the Lake Swim events fund the YMCA Okanagan Swims Program in the Okanagan to drown-proof children. To date we have sent over 16,000 children and donated over $145,000.

The objectives of our society:

  • To support and preserve the Across The Lake Swim Kelowna as an annual tradition;
  • To support and develop other open water swim events as community traditions;
  • To enhance interest, knowledge, skills training and safety in open water swimming;
  • To foster accessibility to, enjoyment of, and community spirit and excitement around open water swimming.

The Across the Lake Swim Society is dedicated to supporting programs that promote open water swimming skills.

Learn more about our funded YMCA Okanagan Swims Program