For Swimmers:

  • Wetsuits are allowed and encouraged.
  • Swim aids (fins, pull buoys, etc.) are not allowed.
  • Swim caps that are supplied MUST be worn. NOTE: Our caps are latex. If you have a latex allergy, please let us know and we will supply you with a silicone cap.
  • Each junior swimmer (10 years & under) MUST be accompanied by a support person.  Support kayaks or stand up paddle boards, however, are highly recommended for all swimmers.
  • Swimmers participating do so at their own risk.
  • If you are unable to complete the swim (or do not start the swim), please inform a lifeguard or event official with a radio as soon as possible.
  • If in trouble and you need help, stop, try to stay calm, and wave a hand above your head. A power boat or an support kayak should be by quickly to assist you. If an escort kayak arrives before a power boat, have one of the paddlers wave a paddle above their head to attract a power boat over.

For Support Boaters:

  • There must be a PFD or lifejacket for each person in the boat plus one for the swimmer.
  • You are responsible for having all the proper equipment (e.g. PFD, re-boarding device, throw line, bailer, sound signaling device, etc.) and knowing the regulations that apply to small watercraft. See this Transport Canada pdf
  • Support craft must stay clear of the start and finish lines. It is vital at the start area that support craft watch their swimmer from afar and join them once swimmers thin out. Boats must not block the path of any swimmer as they maneuver to meet and stay with their own swimmer.
  • Communicate with your swimmer beforehand to determine how you will find each other. There will be a sea of support craft and swimmers out there, and every swimmer with a cap looks the same. Suggest you wear a funky hat, bright shirt, or tie a coloured balloon on your craft so your swimmer can find you.
  • Please stay on the right (bridge) side of the swimmer all the way across the lake.
  • Please do not enter your boat into the finish area or beach it there. Please paddle your boat to the right (bridge) side of the finish line and pull your boat up the beach.
  • NO POWER BOATS ALLOWED except for designated volunteer patrol boats. Kayakers, canoeists and stand up  paddleboards MUST NOT launch their boats from the swimmers’ start area.
  • Row boats are not allowed.
  • The start area is reserved for swimmers only! Please launch from an alternate location; City Park is recommended. Then, paddle across the lake to meet your swimmer and commence the swim at 8:00am. Please remove canoes, kayaks and paddleboards at the public boat launch at Hot Sands Beach after the awards ceremony.