The Interior Savings Across the Lake Swim Kelowna is run 100% by volunteers and requires many to make it a success! Volunteering at our event is unique in that you get to spend the early morning either on the water or at the beach - what a great way to start your day! In addition, the event is over and wrapped up by 12pm - plenty of time left to enjoy a summer Saturday!

Below is an overview of all the volunteer positions required to be filled. See a position that interests you? Please contact Jane Fletcher, our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@acrossthelakeswim.com.

Finish Area Setup [6 volunteers]
Two dedicated directors are in charge of setting up the finish area but they would appreciate your help (starting at 6:30am) in getting the buoys in the water, setting up garbage cans and the sound system as well as preparing tents, tables and chairs in the finish area. There is also some fencing to set up that is used as the finish chute. The most fun part of this is blowing up the big arch!

Start Area [2 volunteers]
Volunteers on the Westside direct swimmers to the port-a-potties, calm race nerves and possibly help out with some extra goggles and caps. And the all time favorite: duct tape for last minute fixes of anything!

Gear Corral [6-8 volunteers]
Another early bird opportunity (start at 6am, finish around 10am): Accepting bags with gear from participants before they head over to the ferry docks to catch their ride to the start line. Gear is kept in this safe area for participants until they get back to the finish line area. If you can count and grab a bag, you can do this. It would be great if you could hang around after the event is done to help with our cleanup.

Beach and Finish Line Volunteers [12 volunteers]
Volunteers in this area (start at 7:45am) help swimmers out of the water and along the finish line chute. In addition, there will be volunteers helping with the timing by assisting with manual timing (7:45am to 10am) and removing timing chips when swimmers have completed the swim. We guarantee that every swimmer you deal with here has a big grin on his/her face! It would be great if you could hang around after the event is done to help with taking down tents and equipment.

Parking Lot Attendants [6 volunteers]
Parking Lot attendants monitor the parking lot and give directions so the parking lot gets filled efficiently. Only ATLS swimmers and spectators are allowed to park in the lot and you will need to make sure vehicles do not park where the bus departs. You are required from 5:30am-11:30am.

Tear Down and Cleanup [6 volunteers]
After the event is over we need help deflating and packing up the finish line arch, removing the fencing, taking down tents, storing tables, and general cleanup. You are required from 11:00am-12:00pm.

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